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A little introduction and welcome to my personal website

You have reached my personal website. The information you find here was originally written down for myself; this is the first place that I visit to look things up—in case I forget them. And I forget a lot of things…

Although some articles may look like tutorials, let me be very clear about this: They are meant for me as a backup information to reproduce certain steps of installing software or summarizing my experience and findings about certain things.

I try to explain those articles a bit so everyone would benefit from it, but I can’t promise anything. So if there is a lack of information or something is not copy&paste-able by you—don’t blame me, you may find your own way around that. Go on to Google, Yahoo, Startpage or whatever search engine is your favourite and try your best. That’s basically what I do. And I do that for hours sometimes, so don’t expect me investing those hours for you. I like my free time just as everyone else does. That may sound harsh to you, but it is what it is.

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You may find useful information on this website. Are you interested in amateur radio? My equipment page or the amateur radio category may be of interest to you. If you are more into linux and networking you may like the other category on this website: computerstuff. I also plan to publish photographs on this website.

A few selected items from my equipment list…

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More tags and the mentioned categories are summarized on their respective pages. They are also linked in the footer of the website.

Today I Learned sub categories

There are a few tags that I use for sub categorization. They all start with til- which is short for Today I Learned (as the mini title above suggests).


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I stopped using Google Analytics on January 6, 2022. For now I use the basic analytics features from Cloudflare to get an overview of the visitors on my website—I also collect tons of information about bad hosts that scan my website for known exploits (those get also added to an internal blacklist on my server aswell (in addition to the Cloudflare bans)).

The cloudflare analytics script is usually loaded from https://static.cloudflareinsights.com/beacon.min.js.

You can view some of the statistics gathered from Google Analytics from 2021 up to January 6th 2022 on my newly and raw-formatted analytics page.

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These posts build a recent snapshot of what’s going on on this website.

A few last words

That’s it for now—I’ll update things whenever possible.