Great to see you here!

I’m sorry I’m still quite busy

An update from September 26, 2020

So I may not always find the time to update my website or to play with my radio rig. I’m quite busy at work at the moment and I just can’t push myself to experiment just right into the night…

Explore this website

You may find useful information on this website. Use it wisely ;-)

Are you interested in amateur radio? My projects page or the Amateur radio category could look interesting to you. But if you’re looking for some handy notes that I wrote down to remember – the Notes category would be something for you.

There’s not much going on there right now, but I will fill this up when I catch some time soon. I’m just rebuilding the website because I moved back to Jekyll from Hugo.

The website was last built and published on 2020-10-24 07:09:01 +0000.


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Some of my projects

You know this websites domain is which reflects my austrian callsign. So most projects are probably ham-related.

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A few last words

That’s it for now – I’ll update things whenever possible for me. I’m quite busy in summer at work so don’t expect too much content flying in…