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Dominic Reich “OE7DRT”


Hello, my name is Dominic and I maintain this website.
I am a licensed ham radio operator since 2019 and my callsign is OE7DRT.

My QTH is Längenfeld , Tyrol , Austria . The locator for that is JN57lb .
There is currently no antenna set up at my home QTH so I operate portable only since the end of 2021—I’ve not been very active recently but I’m sure my new lightweight equipment can help me out on that matter.

Some status information #

I publish new articles whenever time let me do it. As I am working 10h shifts a day on a building site I am quite worn at the end of the day and I can’t gather myself up enough to go out in the field when I’m just hungry (and tired) 😫
I do not have an antenna set up at my home QTH so my experience relies on my portable operations here in this mountainous region. I enjoy some walks every now and then but I can’t carry my 16 to 18 kilograms portable equipment always with me—specially not after a work shift.

So that is the reason that my website grows very slowly, I haven’t even found the time to write something nice about my used equipment , but occassionally I take the time to update this or that…

Repeaters near my QTH #

Those are the repeaters around my home, which is around 1180m ASL.

The images below were made with QTH Locator Map by HB9EYZ .

OE7XGI Ötztal (about 22.8km south-east)

OE7XWH Grünberg (about 22km north)

OE7XOI Fiss (about 26.7km west)

OE7XTR Krahberg (about 27.6km west)

OE7XBI Rangger Köpfl (about 24.7km north-east)

OE7XVR Valluga (about 58.5km west)

OE7XRT Hahnenkamm Reutte (about 51.4km north-west)

OE7XZR Zugspitze (about 40.5km north)

OE7XGR Gefrorene Wand (about 53.4km east)

OE7XOT Obtarrenz (about 28km north-east)

For now, I only own some handheld radios for VHF/UHF so I do not reach those repeaters from my terrace. I can sometimes open the first two repeaters.

I scan those repeaters when I’m hiking and I can sometimes hear them, but they are mostly around S0 to S1 combined with a lot of noise and when I try to reply I won’t get picked up so easy (still 5W).

About this website #

My website is a personal storage of a set of information about many different things—mostly about amateur radio and linux’isch computerstuff. The main goal of my blog is for my personal usage. That is because some articles may not explain everything—I hope I can reproduce a working setup (for me) with all the steps provided in these articles.

I could have saved some links in my bookmarks, right? Well, I have. But I do that now for a long time and it sometimes happens, that one or another link becomes unavailable and hosting my own set of information does not result in these situations in any way. As long as I’m willing to host them.

You can use the information on these pages for yourself. Just keep in mind, that some of them may not be very objective or even accurate. The opposite is true. I fill them with my opinions and experiences; some with solutions—some not.

Also, keep in mind that the information on my websites could go offline at any time (although it is online since 2019).

Contact #

Use [email protected] to send me emails.

Feel free to encrypt your message with OpenPGP, use the address mentioned above and make sure you got this fingerprint:

D49A 3CE2 CCF7 2668 4D98  9A31 BC9D 6AE1 A3BE 169A

My public key is on or on my website (~4KB).

Please do not send me guest articles. This is not a tech magazine but my personal website.

Licenses #

The content on my website is licensed under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 — unless specified otherwise. This includes images (as well as screenshots).

Code (programs, source code, scripts) on my website is usually licensed under the MIT license .

For attribution a link back to my website ( should be enough.

Photographs are more elaborately produces images and if you want to republish any of them you have to ask for permission before. This also includes panoramas.

Dominic Reich “OE7DRT”
Dominic Reich “OE7DRT”
Quick’n’dirty facts: mid-30s, construction worker since 2016, electrician before, likes tech stuff and nature. Uses this website as a digital notebook.