Hello, my name is Dominic and I maintain this website.
I am a licensed ham radio operator since 2019 and my callsign is OE7DRT.

My QTH is Längenfeld - the locator for that is JN57lb.

Repeaters around

Those are the repeaters around my home (and my second home). My QTH is around 1180m above sea level (my second home is nearly the same; but 16km to the north).

RepeaterHome QTH, LängenfeldSecond QTH, Ötz
OE7XGI Ötztaloe7xgioe7xgi
OE7XWH Grünbergoe7xwhoe7xwh
OE7XMR Kaunerbergoe7xmroe7xmr
OE7XOI Fissoe7xoioe7xoi
OE7XTR Krahbergoe7xtroe7xtr
OE7XBI Rangger Köpfloe7xbioe7xbi
OE7XVR Vallugaoe7xvroe7xvr
OE7XRT Reutteoe7xrtoe7xrt
OE7XZR Zugspitzeoe7xzroe7xzr
OE7XGR Gefrorene Wandoe7xgroe7xgr
OE7XOT Obtarrenzoe7xotoe7xot

For now, I only own some handheld radios so I do not reach those repeaters from my terrace. I can sometimes open the first two repeater


You can contact me via email, the address is dominic@ – append the domain-name of my website (the one that you are browsing right now) to it.

Feel free to encrypt your message with OpenPGP, use the adress mentioned above and make sure you got this fingerprint:

D49A 3CE2 CCF7 2668 4D98  9A31 BC9D 6AE1 A3BE 169A

My public key is on keys.openpgp.org or on my website (~4KB).

About this website

My website is a personal storage of a set of information about many different things — mostly about ham radio and other tech stuff. The main goal of my blog is for my personal usage. That is because some articles may not explain everything — I hope I can reproduce a working setup (for me) with all the steps in these articles.

I could have saved some links in my bookmarks, right? Well, I have. But I do that now for a long time and it sometimes happens, that one or another link becomes unavailable and hosting my own set of information does not result in these situations in any way. As long as I need them.

You can use the information on these pages for yourself. Just keep in mind, that some of them may not be very objective or even accurate. The reverse is true. I fill them with my opinions and experiences; some with solutions — some not.

Also, keep in mind that the information on my websites could go offline anytime.


The content on my website is licensed under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 — unless specified otherwise. Content can be text or images or other media that is used in an article or to display an article. Content is mostly saved within /content, /static and /static/images but may not be limited to them. Content files are mostly png, jpg, pdf and md files but may not be limited to them.

Code on my website is usually licensed under the MIT license. This license also applies to the codebase of my website.

For attribution a link back to my website (oe7drt.com) should be enough.

Other resources

I used to maintain a broader range of topics on my other website dominicreich.com. I changed the backend software and themes here and there, mostly trying to find a better solution as the one I currently have ;-)

For reference, my older website are still accessible on the following URLs:

That is the first site that was published with a static site generator. I used Jekyll at that time. Thanks to Michael Rose and his efforts on his own website I was able to publish a changed version as my own website.

After some time I wanted something slim and less complex to maintain so I gave Hugo a try. The used theme made me switch back to Jekyll again (some styling problems that I weren’t able to fix quickly enough made me actually give Jekyll another try). Besides that I got my radio amateur license at that time that also made me buy a new domain — oe7drt.com was online.

I was using the slim theme PaperCSS. I wasn’t using this long because I was not able to fix the styling on the search page to not disrupt the page on mobile devices.

With the search page problems mentioned above I gave Hydejack a try. I tried this already some time before and bought the Pro version to use with Netlify as a private repository hosted on Github. I missed the slim design of the hugo website and could not resist to give that search another try…

And here we are. I finally got the search bar styling fixed and it does no longer break the layout on smaller screens. I was also able to remove the html-tags within the description so the found entries do look a lot better now.