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Dominic Reich “OE7DRT”


whoami #

Hello, my name is Dominic and I maintain this website.
I am a licensed ham radio operator since 2019 and my callsign is OE7DRT.

My QTH is Längenfeld, Tyrol, Austria. The locator for that is JN57lb.
There is currently no antenna set up at my home QTH so I operate portable only since the end of 2021 – I’ve not been very active recently and I guess this will probably not increase very much.

Have a look at the pages under /equipment/ for an overview of the equipment that I use (or have used/had). 😉

What’s up? #

I publish new articles whenever time let me do it. As I am working 10h shifts a day on a building site I am quite worn at the end of the day and I can’t gather myself up enough to go out in the field when I’m just hungry (and tired) 😫

I do not have an antenna set up at my home QTH so my experience relies on my portable operations here.

About this website #

My website is a personal storage of a set of information about many different things – mostly about amateur radio and linux‘isch computer stuff. The main goal of my blog is for my personal usage. That is because some articles may not explain everything – I hope I can reproduce a working setup (for me) with all the steps provided in these articles.

I could have saved some links in my bookmarks, right? Well, I have. But I do that now for a long time and it sometimes happens, that one or another link becomes unavailable and hosting my own set of information does not result in these situations in any way. As long as I’m willing to host them.

You can use the information on these pages for yourself. Just keep in mind, that some of them may not be objective or even accurate. The opposite is true. I fill them with my opinions and experiences; some with solutions – some not.

Also, keep in mind that the information on my websites could go offline at any time (although it is online since 2019 – I used other domain names before though).

Statistics #

Google Analytics (evil) and Microsoft Clarity (much evil) are common statistic-plugins for your website. I’ve tried both as well as matomo. They have one thing in common: they collect data, that I personally wouldn’t want to be collected from me. And what you don’t want to be done to you…

I went with Fathom Analytics for the last year and I am currently moving over to Plausible. Both are awesome tools but for me Plausible is the better choice.

Contact #

Use to send me emails.

Feel free to encrypt your message with OpenPGP and make sure you got this fingerprint:

D49A 3CE2 CCF7 2668 4D98  9A31 BC9D 6AE1 A3BE 169A

My public key is on or on my website (~4KB).

Please do not send me guest articles. This is not a tech magazine but my personal website.

Server location and networking #

I’ve had a few websites running over the recent years, but when I got my radio amateur callsign I started over with fresh content on It was stored as a Github repository and published via Cloudflare.

I moved later to a cloud server from Hetzner running Rocky Linux 8 and 9 (which were both located in Finland) and I’m finally happy with netcup and my OpenBSD server located in Germany. When I hosted my own gitea instance I left the website repo on my server and create the website over there, when I now create the website on my local laptop and push the files onto the webserver just when I push new commits into the git repository on codeberg.