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My callsign on the APRS network

So there is this little page that shows you some information about my devices on the website. Currently you may find the following devices:

OE7DRT(-0) #

I usually do not use this “variant” of my callsign, but Winlink injects it when I connect to the Winlink Network. Or more precisely: when I include my geocoordinates in a message.

OE7DRT-1 #

When I’m using my Thinkpad for hamradio (yes I have some hamradio apps installed on my main laptop) I’m sometimes firing up some digital madness using a SignaLink and some handheld radios. These combined with direwolf and Xastir show me the surrounding areas APRS objects and items. I am sometimes connecting to the APRS network through a TCP/IP connection and reporting the heard stations to the network. If I am not at home, I make the station mobile and connect a GPS mouse to the laptop.

OE7DRT-5 #

APRS on my smartphone. This will only pop up when I do not have any “hardware” APRS devices with me. This is either a internet connection from my phone or with the use of another non-APRS handheld radio using the app on an iPhone with its software TNC.

OE7DRT-7 #

Portable. I programmed this into multiple handheld transceivers.

OE7DRT-13 #

My weather station collects data since March 2018 but I started to publish weather data since January 2022. I’ve seen the weatherstation recently in the Windy app on an Android smartphone.

OE7DRT-15 #

The newest suffix is used by a LoRa Gateway – currently indoor with a small antenna. It may be offline though.

The following two are not always visible, but they might pop up from time to time.


D-Star Hotspot. Runs on a Raspberry Pi 4 B currently.


Well, -R is not a valid suffix for APRS but this is how things go nowadays. This represents another Hotspot, running DMRGateway which connects to the Brandmeister network as well as the IPSC2 network. Runs on a Raspberry Pi 2 B.