Change The Bands In Your Anytone Codeplug

If you can’t change the band edges on your Anytone radio change the band setting in the codeplug so it matches.

Press and hold down PTT and 1 while turning on your radio to change the bands on your Anytone handheld (tested on my D878UV+). To change them, turn the channel knob and power the radio off when it is showing you the setting that you want.

My 7-Inch DMR Dashboard

I did not like the small screen and the small housing of my last Hotspot so I decided to make a bigger housing where I needed a bigger screen. Look what I got myself up and running, with some major options to control the hotspot just right off the screen itself. Make sure to install the NextionDrivers when you use this layout - it offers way more possibilities.

The content of this article may change continuously. Follow the Github repository to keep your files up to date.

Get DMRIDs Via Command Line

This is a quick workaround to retrieve a DMRID on console or terminal. This comes in handy when you don’t have a browser window open or not even a graphical setup running. The script uses w3m to retrieve website content from It’s also usable when piping its output to a file.

You want to install w3m. It is a text browser. Don’t forget rpi-rw before installing anything if you’re on Pi-Star.

Hs Dual Hat With PiStar v4

This is a MMDVM_HS_Dual_Hat hotspot in duplex mode with DMRGateway and an actual Pi-Star image. In this setup I use DMR+_IPSC2-OE-DMO and BM_Germany_2622 as master servers. I also use DAPNET and PiStar Remote.

I’ve been playing with Pi-Star now for a while and I finally got my IPSC2-Brandmeister dual-setup working.

How to get an amateur radio license in Austria

So this my short story to the amateur radio bands. Please take notice that this article was re-published several times now on different websites (I changed the backend quite a bit) and some dates may not fit up to each other logically because I updated some parts but some I don’t.

I’m not the casual ham radio operator that always wanted to operate his own ham radio station. I tried CB once but had to travel quite a bit to reach other stations (trucks on the highway for example). I’ve played with SDR before and tried a few things with GNUradio and gqrx but I never got deeper into this kind of things.