Hs Dual Hat With PiStar v4

This is a MMDVM_HS_Dual_Hat hotspot in duplex mode with DMRGateway and an actual Pi-Star image. In this setup I use DMR+_IPSC2-OE-DMO and BM_Germany_2622 as master servers. I also use DAPNET and PiStar Remote.

I’ve been playing with Pi-Star now for a while and I finally got my IPSC2-Brandmeister dual-setup working.

How to get an amateur radio license in Austria

So this my short story to the amateur radio bands. Please take notice that this article was re-published several times now on different websites (I changed the backend quite a bit) and some dates may not fit up to each other logically because I updated some parts but some I don’t.

I’m not the casual ham radio operator that always wanted to operate his own ham radio station. I tried CB once but had to travel quite a bit to reach other stations (trucks on the highway for example). I’ve played with SDR before and tried a few things with GNUradio and gqrx but I never got deeper into this kind of things.