How To Get An Amateur Radio License In Austria

Publish date: Jan 2, 2020
Tags: life ham radio

I’m not the casual ham radio operator that always wanted to operate his own ham radio station. I tried CB once but had to travel quite a bit to reach other stations (trucks on the highway for example). I’ve played with SDR before and tried a few things with GNUradio and gqrx but I never got deeper into this kind of things.

Just to be clear on this: This is not a tutorial, this is a short story from my life that explains how I came to my amateur radio license. This article was already published in german on my older website - read on if you like.

In 2019 I decided to go on a preparatory course at my local ham radio club.

A confirmation email was sent to me but the docs for the course had to be changed because changes have been made to austrian laws regarding ham radio and telecommunication in general. So scripts were not up to date at that moment.

General information

The course was held in a room in a federal higher technical institute in Innsbruck. I had to drive around 70km (~1h).

We had to attend these blocks:

  1. block
  1. block
  1. block
  1. block - refreshing

Cost report

This represents the total amount of money I had to put into getting my license.

date and time value description
MO 12.08.2019 05:44 75.56 € documentation scripts
FR 27.09.2019 13:15 90.00 € the course itself
FR 27.09.2019 20:37 14.70 € parking “Hentschelhof”
SA 28.09.2019 07:58 48.15 € refueling
SA 28.09.2019 10 € lunch
SA 28.09.2019 17:54 14.40 € parking “Wilten”
FR 04.10.2019 20:48 14.40 € parking “Wilten”
SA 05.10.2019 10 € lunch
SA 05.10.2019 18:07 18.20 € parking “Altstadtgarage”
SA 05.10.2019 18:43 53.11 € refueling
FR 11.10.2019 20:42 14.70 € parking “Altstadtgarage”
SA 12.10.2019 7 € lunch
SA 12.10.2019 17:49 18.20 € parking “Altstadtgarage”
SA 12.10.2019 18:20 45.26 € refueling
SA 19.10.2019 17:45 13 € parking “Markthalle”
SA 19.10.2019 17:59 57.08 € refueling
TU 22.10.2019 10:04 28.83 € examination fee
TU 22.10.2019 11:34 14.30 € examination certificate
TU 22.10.2019 12:50 3 € parking “SOHO 2.0”
549.89 € total

In the end I paid 203.60€ for gasoline, 27€ for lunch on Saturdays and 110.60€ for parking my car.
At this time I drove a BMW M140i which needed around 9 liters gas per 100 kilometers—you may get away with less on that part.

The exam

The exam is split into three different topics: law, engineering and operating technology.

Every person gets three questions in law, three questions in engineering and three questions in operating technology. This happens one person at a time, so if person 1 answered the first three questions person 2 has to answer three other questions in the same topic.

We had to leave the room for a while when our examiners discussed our results. When we entered the room again we were told if we get a license or not :-)

All attendees have passed the exam and got their license. We were 15 people.

Future plans

Most of us have already requested their callsign. A workshop about different transeivers and antennas is planned for November 23 in Innsbruck from 09:00 to 18:00. At 19:00 a graduation party is planned at the restaurant Deck 47 in Innsbruck.

I joined the local ham radio club “ÖVSV” and I am a member of ADL714.


My shack is a work in progress. I own a few devices that allow me to setup a small station on short wave and soon on the digital sector within the DMR Austria network (IPSC2).

73 de Dominic, OE7DRT