Win10, Grub 2 and UEFI

I finally got my broken Grub configuration fixed. Booting Windows from Grub wasn’t very hard back in the days, but the old “version” doesn’t work with the newer UEFI-typed computers. Now… looking at it… it does not look very complicated either ;-)

Short and concise. I had to deal with a broken Grub 2 configuration recently and I always had to boot the windows partition from within the BIOS because Grub wasn’t able to boot it right away.

Forking GIT-repositories

So this is working for me now. Keeping up-to-date with my upstream github repository.

For me, git repositories are a complex thing. As I wrote in an earlier article I can keep my local repository up-to-date to the original one and simply manage my changes to a github repository saved in my github account. So I can distribute my changes on many computers at home.

My virtual windows machine from VirtualBox on Big Sur will not start

A quick fix if your virtual machine will not start. As long, as you got the same configuration as me

Okay, a quick one. I’ve updated my macbook now to Big Sur today. A lot of files have been copied and moved and written and so on – I think that update was something around 12 GB of files to download…