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Coax Cables


Comparison #

Name∅ [mm]Impedance [Ω]Lenght [m]Loss [dB]Loss/100m [dB]Weight/m [kg]

Measurements have been made with a NanoVNA-H (HW version 3.4) version 1.2.19 (Build time: Jan 31 2023 - 16:06:06) at 14.020 MHz (because that is around the frequency that I use mainly at my home QTH).

What cable to use? #

I usually use the H-155 at home because the 10m are a good fit from my terrace to the table in the living room and it has the least loss and weight is not a factor when deploying at home.

For portable operation I use the RG-316 because it is very leightweight and is “not so lossy” than the RG-174.

I’d take the RG-174 when I’m not sure about what lenght the antenna cable should be because I have two cables with 6m with the appropriate connectors already on the cables.