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Homebrew dipole for 20m

Homebrew dipole for the 20m band made from 1.5mm² speaker cable

I am very happy with this antenna – it is very compact when fold together and also quite compact when hung from on a mast. It takes about 5 meters into one direction and about 6 meters up on the mast.

There is one disadvantage of this antenna: it is only for one frequency, but I usually achieve an SWR of about 1:1.3 instantly when I deploy this antenna at home in my garden.

I made my fist QSO with this antenna into Israel (about 2600 km) with a Yaesu FT-891.

Most of my Winlink sessions from home include this antenna as it takes minimal space and I work a winlink gateway in France or the Netherlands quickly (they respond often within the first three requests).

I also use a choke with the antenna.