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Hytera PD785G

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This is the second DMR radio that I bought. I wanted something stable, a rock-solid handheld radio that cannot be bricked, since my first DMR radio did not start any more.

The transmitted audio quality of this device is really good. Also the TX buffering is an awesome feature if you tend to respond immediately. It buffers your voice until TXing is ready (otherwise you can setup a TX-ready tone).

The radios operating frequencies are 70cm only!

Also analog operation is not very easy, yet alone a 1750Hz tone is hard to generate, I’ve been looking on the internet to accomplish that (in europe many repeater open after they receive that tone on their RX frequency). At least in Tirol the newer repeater are triggered with a 77Hz subtone.

It has a nice fit in my hands, but I rarely use this radio.

No channel can be entered without a computer, you may want to use the Hytera software for this only.

I’m using Firmware v9 on this, but I’ve read that v8 would be a better choice.

Sending Hytera devices for repair is a major pain in the ass, the friendly people at the store where I bought the device had to send it over to the UK because noone in europe can replace parts… that’s how it looks… at least.

They changed the motherboard at a cost of about 150€. The whole correspondence took about 4 months (which also was a major pain) - specially when they tried to convince me to trash the device and buy another one (with some discount).

Output power (70cm band) #

The Hytera PD785G only supports 70cm.

output power around 433.500 MHz