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Icom IC-7300


The first shortwave transceiver that I bought. I got told this has one of the best receivers and filter techniques on the beginner segment. Unfortunately this radio is a bit chunky and heavy to transport in a rucksack so I haven’t really used it that much so far – I do not have a station set up at my QTH yet.

The date of this article is calculated back when I made the first video using this radio, because I couldn’t tell when I bought it/got it delivered exactly.

Built-in soundcard and CAT control #

The radio can be connected to a computer with one single USB cable which provides a virtual soundcard aswell as a CAT control interface. This makes operating digital modes dead easy.

Big touch screen #

Maybe the first thing that you might see on that radio is the big screen. It is clear and very easy to read; you can interact with your finger aswell.

Twin filters #

To separate a signal is also a very easy thing to do. Use the twin filters to narrow down the used bandwith. Long press the filter button to clear and reset those filters.