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My virtual windows machine from VirtualBox on Big Sur will not start

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Okay, a quick one. I’ve updated my macbook now to Big Sur today. A lot of files have been copied and moved and written and so on – I think that update was something around 12 GB of files to download…

So my virtual windows machine won’t start. With a quick Google search I found some hints, that the kernel drivers will not load or something like that. A few posts below I read something about the System Protection of macOS and read on a bit.

Now to make things short: I restarted the macbook, went straight into recovery mode and fired up the terminal.

The command csrutil status told me, that my system was in an undefined state. I’m not sure what I changed here on the last major macOS version but it printed a few changes and something that I did not read completely. I just enabled the protection system as suggested on the forums before and rebootet the system again.

To enable Apples protection system, type this command:

$ csrutil enable

After that, type reboot and hit enter.

This fixed it for me and I am now able to run my virtual windows machine. But: I still cannot open my NFS shares on my Raspberry Pi yet.