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APRS With The Hytera PD785G

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I’ve read many articles about the Hytera PD785G, APRS, GPS, IPSC2, DMR+, Brandmeister and what not…

These are the settings that I currently run with.

GPS settings #

These settings remain the same as on the v8 firmware.

GPS settings

Also this remains the same – make sure to disable Quick GPS and enable RSSI Report.

GPS settings

You do not really need the other settings. On incoming calls Call Location will show the location of other stations on the display. Voice with Location sends your own location info out with your voice. This is needed for Call Location.

Network settings #

Set the Control Center ID to 9057 if you want to appear as portable device.

network settings

You can also use any of those number-symbol combinations.

RRS & Radio IDsdescription
9050without SSID
9055house / QTH
9056camping / fieldday
9057handheld transceiver
9058mobile / boat
9059mobile / car

Channel settings #

Setup the channel like this. Just make sure to set Location Info Revert Channel. I did not select IP Multi-site Connect and I also did not select an RRS Revert Channel. I am not 100% sure, but I think the RRS Revert Channel is what makes your HT send your position out when you change channels.

channel settings

You can also set Slot Operation to Pseudo Trunk – that would let you hear statically linked talkgroups of another timeslot too.

Buttons #

Did you set Button as a GPS Trigger? Then you want to configure a button here.

buttons settings

Basic settings #

For what I have tested this works quite well. Although Brandmeister recommends to set the Data Bearer Service to Compressed IP if you want to use text messaging.

basic settings

Examples #

In-call location information does not contain an SSID. That means, that your location is transferred as your plain CALLSIGN, without the -7 for 9057.

route with the ssid 7
The route looks like this when transmitted as CALLSIGN-7.
route without ssid
The route looks like that when no SSID is appended to the CALLSIGN.

When transmitted with SSID a location point looks like this:

location with ssid

and without SSID:

location without ssid

There is usually only a red dot marker and not a house. The house replaced the red dot when I tried new APRS settings with my Openspot2 – which sended out a beacon for my callsign only. This might not be compatible to each other – time will tell…

hotspot beacon

In case you don’t know that site yet, there is also as an alternative to – I love the realtime raw package feed. I use them both here and there. station info