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My Nextion 2.4" DMR Last Heard Dashboard

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The display #

When I got the display there was already a Screen Layout installed – it was probably the Layout of PD0DIB.

We’re talking about a NX3224T024_011.


My dashboard now looks like this:


The number on the bottom right corner displays the actual status code sent by the MMDVMHost binary. A list of these codes can be seen here.

Also have a look at the debug output within the Nextion Editor. You get to the second screen (SYSTEM screen) by touching/pressing the header of the dashboard. Within the system screen you can clear the dashboard.


The editor #

The most HMI files I found online were made with the older version of Nextion Editor – v53. It is the Nextion Editor LTS version. It is available on

For the editor to work you need to install a Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package – Nextion Editor is a 32bit application, so choose the 32bit version (vc_redist.x86.exe).

TFT files and HMI files #

I’m no professional and this is the way I look at these things. For me HMI files are source files. You can open them with Nextion Editor and edit them just right away. Whereas TFT files cannot be “opened” with the Nextion Editor, they have to be opened with no open project by clicking the Debug button (next to the Compile button). They get loaded into the simulator and you can preview the file.

TFT files are the compiled output of HMI files.

Get the files #

I’ve setup a repository on Github for my screen – for now there is one layout online. It only displays a last heard table with callsign and talkgroup for DMR. I’d like to have this for a bigger screen but I’m not sure when I’ll find the time for it.

What the actual dashboard looks like.

Resources #

I’ve found several resources that I want to list in no particular order here.