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Running Winlink and VARA on Linux

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This article is about using VARA FM and/or VARA HF on a linux laptop – or computer.

Quick and dirty #

$ sudo apt-get install wine-stable winetricks exe-thumbnailer

$ export WINEPREFIX=/home/dominic/.wine-winlink
$ export WINEARCH=win32

$ winetricks winxp
$ winetricks sound=alsa

$ winetricks -q dotnet35sp1
$ winetricks vb6run
$ winetricks vcrun2015

## now, as an update when my already working winlink express installation
## failed, i had to install also the following dotnet applications with winetricks
$ winetricks -q dotnet40
$ winetricks -q dotnet46

## Optional, if you want backups
$ tar -cJf wine-backup_$(date +%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S)_initial-setup.tar.xz .wine-winlink

$ wine Downloads/Winlink_Express_install.exe

## Optional, if you want backups after you installed Winlink
$ tar -cJf wine-backup_$(date +%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S)_winlink-installed.tar.xz .wine-winlink

$ wine Downloads/VARA\ setup\ \(Run\ as\ Administrator\).exe
$ wine Downloads/VARA\ FM\ setup\ \(Run\ as\ Administrator\).exe

## Optional, if you want backups, after you installed Winlink and VARA
$ tar -cJf wine-backup_$(date +%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S)_vara-installed.tar.xz .wine-winlink

If your VARA window is empty after it gets started from Winlink, just minimize it and restore it and you should see it’s content again.

Resources #

This article is practically based on the instructions found over at

The following files have been re-uploaded on my website to create a duplicate resource for download, but primarily to prevent them from going offline in the case the resource goes down for whatever reason.

I do not claim them to be my creation, I just want them to be online on a place that I find again.

Visit the website above if you want to know more details about Winlink on Linux.

Thanks to Steven K6ETA for his excellent explanations on his website, so I could narrow this down to the quick copy-and-paste-box above.