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Tuxedo: keyboard drivers

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I had some “fun” recently when I realized that my keyboard on my main laptop was lagging. Nearly every character at the end of a command or at the beginning of a typing sequence were lost. I didn’t noticed when this exactly took over, but I started to hate this behaviour.

So I thought it might be a good idea to install the drivers from where I bought the laptop in the first place.

Fedora 37 #

Now it’s already a few months ago since I made my notes about this, I’m already running Manjaro Linux for a week or two so I’ll just format my notes a bit and let this reside on this page, for later use I might have to re-investigate that sh** again…

$ sudo dnf install kernel-devel
$ sudo dnf copr enable kallepm/tuxedo-keyboard
$ sudo dnf copr enable kallepm/tuxedo-control-center
$ sudo dnf install tuxedo-control-center

Since I usually won’t need the Control-Center, and to only get actual (as in up-to-date) drivers, clone the git repository.

$ cd $HOME/git
$ git clone
$ cd tuxedo-keyboard
$ git checkout release

Then build the module and ignore any error about vmlinux being unavailable:

$ make clean && make

Add the module as DKMS module:

$ make clean
$ sudo make dkmsinstall

And finally load the modules with modprobe:

$ sudo modprobe tuxedo_keyboard

tuxedo_io should normally be automatically loaded when you load tuxedo_keyboard.

Sources #

Manjaro (Sway) #

Check what kernel version is running (uname -a) and install the linux headers for that kernel.

$ sudo pacman -S linux515-headers

Install tuxedo-keyboard-dkms from the wonderful AUR repository.

$ sudo pacman -S tuxedo-keyboard-dkms

or if you use yay

$ yay tuxedo-keyboard-dkms

Default values are crap (on my Polaris).

$ echo "options tuxedo_keyboard color=WHITE" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/tuxedo_keyboard.conf

You may read on the tuxedo website that you load other colors with sudo modprobe tuxedo_keyboard color=BLUE for example— for me, this never worked. A reboot it is then for me.

They work on it, they say… But we know, this feature will never be implemented. That state is now for 2 years since I bought that “linux laptop” from Tuxedo. PS: I’d never buy one again.

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