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An (other) attempt to operate portable

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This is me with the usual luck that I have (which is not limited to amateur radio).

The plan #

I actually wanted to go way higher, but I did not felt like it so I decided on my way to stop at a nice place and setup my 20m dipole at a clearing.

There is a nice view over Längenfeld (looking south, south-west).

view to S/SW over Längenfeld

The setup #

After a few minutes of just sitting there and relaxing, enjoying the view and nature, as is, I setup the antenna. I had to re-adjust the length a bit to get it down to somewhat 1.1-1.3:1a. I usually just put a leg on the mast and put the other one on the ground, which works ok most of the time.

my actual setup and view

Listen, listen, listen (and listen if you can’t transmit) #

I usually listen for a while before I start calling CQ and most of the time I first answer others people calls – but when I tried to call a station from EA I wasn’t very successful. Yeah, move on, my setup is just crap and he won’t hear me. Tried another station but my call was interrupted by the other station whilst I was still talking, that made me a bit suspicious. Another try and this time I looked at the power meter of the TX-500: 0W. On a second view I saw the transceiver was not switching to TX. Tried a few times more, power off, power on but nothing really happened.

I finally gave up and spent probably half an hour with SWL :)

Back at home #

Back home, I already thought it might be the mice (it actually doesn’t look very sturdy) so I went into my all-purpose-room and cut off the plug, opened it and I quickly saw the faulty white wire.

That white wire belongs to the pin in the middle, so I decided to remove all the other pins too to get better access to that pin.

detail view of the plug, cord already cut off

The plug is small and I already wanted to throw everything away but somehow I got all the wires soldered to the plug and it worked.

Finished with some shrink tubing (which I usually have mixed feelings about using them) and it is now able to TX again.

view of the finished plug

Fin #

The mic works again, but meanwhile (it is now mid of February already) I got another nice replacement for the mic: I ordered a clip-on microphone that I can use with the adapter set made by W2ENY.

I can just recommend the adapters made by Robert, W2ENY.

I think the original PTT adapter only works mono, Roberts delivers stereo sound.