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Neovim, Telescope, FreeBSD: problems?

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I’ve been using other peoples config for Neovim for a while and although it worked well for the most files I was a bit unhappy because I rarely understood most configuration parts of it.

As I’m not working in IT or other computer related areas I’m not the one that feels the need to dive into this deeply. I’m using AstroNvim for now (I also had a look at NvChad) and I’m quite happy since today when I finally got to fix the problem with Telescope (fzf) which never worked before on either FreeBSD nor OpenBSD.

Move into .local/share/nvim/lazy/telescope-fzf-native.nvim directory.

Make sure GNU make is installed pkg install gmake on FreeBSD or pkg_add gmake on OpenBSD.

Execute gmake which creates the file build/

Now Telescope worked for me.

lua_ls still won’t work (platform not supported).