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Win10, Grub 2 and UEFI

·244 words·2 mins
I finally got my broken Grub configuration fixed. Booting Windows from Grub wasn’t very hard back in the days, but the old “version” doesn’t work with the newer UEFI-typed computers. Now… looking at it… it does not look very complicated either ;-)


Forking GIT-repositories

·951 words·5 mins
So this is working for me now. Keeping up-to-date with my upstream github repository.

Error with signed commits

·45 words·1 min

For some reason my git commits failed when I re-enabled gpg signing. This is how I finally fixed that problem.

Keep up-to-date on forked repositories

·110 words·1 min

I usually fetch the upstream repository and merge it into my local repository, then upload all the merges into the github repository. That works sometimes, but it also fails sometimes with me having an extra commit with merges leaving the git history different from the upstream…