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My 7-Inch DMR Dashboard

··593 words·3 mins
I did not like the small screen and the small housing of my last Hotspot so I decided to make a bigger housing where I needed a bigger screen. Look what I got myself up and running, with some major options to control the hotspot just right off the screen itself. Make sure to install the NextionDrivers when you use this layout – it offers way more possibilities.

My Nextion 2.4" DMR Last Heard Dashboard

··321 words·2 mins
I created a simple last-heard-dashboard for my small Nextion screen. It currently shows the used slot, its origin (like Network or RF) , the callsign and the used talkgroup.

Optimizing PNG images

··553 words·3 mins
A quick notice about three very handy tools to optimize PNG images on the command line. They work on linux and macOS. Use jpegtran for JPG images.