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Mounting disk images on linux

··436 words·3 mins
I sometimes create full-disk-images of USB drives or hard drives and in rare cases I have to look into them. This is how I usually do that.

Systemd: flushing the DNS cache

··130 words·1 min

First off I want to say, that Systemd is quite new to me and I always used the old and classic init systems like OpenRC (which is still available on Gentoo – if someone cares about that more than I do).

Systemd: slow reboot and shutdown fixed

··260 words·2 mins
I’m not so into systemd systems and ever avoided systemd whenever possible, but nowadays systems without systemd are very rare. So I’m learning my lessons slowly and with some memory protection (e.g. this article). Sorry, this article is not very well formatted…


Show processes that block umount

··57 words·1 min
A quick oneliner to list running processes that prevent a filesystem from being unmounted. Using lsof or fuser for this.